Monday, February 11, 2013

Some FB Posts from Mel & Keith (Mel's Brother) While in Ethiopia

Mel asked me to update their blog while they are in Addis Ababa....From Mel today on FB

"Embassy took all of one minute, yay!!! The girls are excited that I'm having a baby. They kept staring at me when we went to pick them up, like woah what happened to Mommy. They were then told they would have a baby brother or sister and they were all smiles and giggles. We will be going to the orphanage that they were at before the transition home. We took tons and tons of donations and it's so a...wesome to see how grateful these little ones are and how excited they get over being given something. Brian went out on the streets handing out baggies of food and toy cars to all the kids. He totally got swarmed and it was awesome and so sad at the same time. The girls are doing great we are enjoying every minute of getting to know them. They are being so loved on by all the other families here and love hair shop. One other dad allowed them to put all kind of mess in his hair and they weren't finished until his gotee had bows as well. They love their uncle Keith Wood they call him Poppy, oh my word it's so sweet... Thank you so much everyone for your prayers."

From "Poppy" Uncle Keith posted on FB today
"Had fun playing with the girls this afternoon. Played a little soccer, Nora Yegele is already really good! Taught them hopscotch (yeah don't be hatin'). Tonight they saw one of the live "Flintstones" movies. They laughed like crazy. Afterwards they did pretend play for over an hour and had the whole house in stitches with their laughter and just cute natures. Can't wait for everyone to meet them! Oh and they tried ice cream for the first time - that was hilarious!"

Posted earlier today on FB by Uncle Keith
"What a great day! Had an awesome time with the girls. After embassy we went to lunch at a local restaurant owned by a sister of a friend Brian works with. They were great treated us to a wonderful traditional dinner and also are having special tradtional dresses made to give the girls before they leave. Everyone has been great. It has been a blessing to meet other adoptive families here as well. All the children are so precious."

Posted early on Monday AM / USA Time by Uncle "Poppy" Keith
"We are in Ethiopia and just finished the final paperwork at the Embassy! Everything is official! We have all the paperwork and will spend a couple of days say goodbyes and then fly back Wednesday evening. The girls are doing great and are very happy children! Praise the Lord for His wonderful blessings!"


  1. It all sounds so exciting. Congratulations on the coming arrival of your new baby also. It is so great that the girls are so happy! May the Lord continue to bless your family!

  2. I seen you guys on the news & Im soooo happy you guys got the girls. they're so beautiful. I cried when i watched the videos on your blog. I'm just now knowing about the blog.i wish i would've known earlier but Im going to try to order a snow bunch shirt.if you need any help or if you need me for anything, im just next door.