Sunday, February 10, 2013

God Makes ALL Things Possible!!!

Joshua 1:9

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Mel asked me to post a quick update for them. 

Here's what Mel wrote on FB today along with the amazing photo above:

Happy Gotcha Day!!! Can someone from CBC let George and Diane know we made it just fine and tell our boys we miss and love them and the girls can't wait to meet their brothers... I've already slept with our girls bathed them, and played hair shop.. This feels like a dream. They absolutely love their Uncle Keith Wood!!!!

They arrived in Addis Ababa Saturday Evening. They had to be rerouted due to the Northern Blizzard.  They come back on Valentines Day! How perfect!  God's love is so much greater than we can even begin to imagine.  My heart is exploding with joy having watched the many battles during this past year (fought & won by the Lord) in bringing their precious girls home!  Mel will need to write a book about it all someday!! The greatest joy for me has been to witness their standing firm on their faith in the Rock of Christ even while being battered and blown by the winds of circumstances throughout this adoption.  WOW.  God is SO personal and real in our lives as His children!  THANK YOU for praying, loving, giving and serving our God through helping them bring the girls home.  God has been so glorified through it all!  I believe it's only the beginning.  That the Lord is weaving an amazing story of these 3 beautiful little girls with shining smiles!  He has such plans for them. And now, praise Christ, they get to have parents who love Him with all of their hearts!  They will hear God'sTruths!  They will have a warm, safe and loving place to come HOME to. 

God has not left them as orphans. 

This is His story of redemption in real time.  It causes one to pause, our hearts to be still before Him knowing He is the God of all. 

He moved mountains to bring these girls home!

Please continue to pray....Brian & Mel, may the Lord bless you beyond imagination!
( Love, julie)

"All Things Possible"
Song by Mark Schultz
I will call on Your name
For there’s always a way
When You lead me
And when life knocks me down
I am not counted out
For You’re with me
And You’re with me
Even when it feels like the light is fading
And I’ve lost my way
Still I’m holding on to the One who’s making
All things possible
Even when it feels like my heart is breaking
Hold on, there is strength
Knowing I belong to the One who’s making
All things possible
I know mountains can move
I’ve seen what You can do
In my weakness
So my heart will believe
If I wait I will see
My God doing, what only He can do
My God is strong and mighty
My God is faithful
My hope is in the Lord
For He is able


  1. I am so excited that you got your girls! I have been checking back quite regularly to see if you got them yet. Praise the Lord for his wonderful timing! May the Lord continue to bless your family!