Saturday, November 10, 2012


Mel and Brian just called Diane who is caring for Parker, Paul and Pierce and wanted me to pass that they made it to Ethiopia and have met their daughters!!!  The girls actually ran to them hugging and kissing and calling them mommy and daddy. Mel and Brian are weeping with joy and thanksgiving to our Lord and Savior for his goodness and favor in choosing them as parents of these beautiful girls. The girls are learning to speak English and are excited to see their brothers. Mel and Brian showed them their bed room and where they will be living and they expressed overwhelming gratitude as they hugged and played with Mel and Brian's hair. Mel and Brian are bursting with praise to a merciful, great and sovereign Father.   Please send prayers of rejoicing and joy to God our Father for His incredible love and mercy!!  Please keep on praying for the requests from the last post.  God is answering prayers in so many amazing ways!  Stay tuned....More updates soon on this incredible journey!

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  1. What incredible joy that must have been! I know that thrilled their hearts and made them long even more for the day when they can bring those precious girls home. Oh how wonderful our God is!