Thursday, November 8, 2012

A First Visit - Prayer Needed!

I have witnessed second-hand the mountains of paperwork, hoops to jump through, many challenges, blessings, miracles and incredible deep love only God can give....and now after 210 days Brian and Mel will travel 7692.3 miles to meet their 3 beautiful daughters for the very first time! So very amazing!  Mel asked for me to forward any updates on her blog for her since they may not have access.  Also, they would cherish your prayers for this first trip.  It has been one of the toughest weeks I know for Mel as she was very sick last week and then Paul was in the ER and Pierce also was sick this week.  It was an incredible miracle along with the help of some amazing friends in Christ this week that they were even able to travel today.  This photo was taken on the way to the Nashville airport about 5:30am (yes, I too am in awe of how beautiful Mel looks at this time following a week of severe illness...haha - she's gonna kill me and never let me on her blog again!)  They will stay overnight in DC and leave around 10am to fly 13 hours to Addis Ababa.  (I cannot wait to hear of that part of the journey as Brian and Mel have never been out of the country!)  They arrive on Saturday morning about 10am Addis' time (which is 9 hours ahead of Nashville/CST).  And they will get to meet the girls right after they arrive!  They are staying in a guest home next to the transition home the girls have been in for the past 5 months. 

Here are some very important prayers - please pray daily for the next 7 days for these.  We know the Lord has this trip all ordained even from the very beginning.  Thank you so much for praying!!

**Please pray for safe, easy travel both directions on the airplane and while in Ethiopia.
**Please pray for Mel especially for total healing, extra strength and protection for both Brian and Mel that they will not get sick while there.  Pray for even rest and an amazing wonderful trip.
**Please pray for them to have God's words and wisdom in meeting the girls for the first time and for an incredible blessing in meeting the girls - that the girls would have peace and joy and an understanding of it all.
**Praise God of how much He has shown He cares and loves them all. 
**Pray for the boys that they would have a fun, easy week and pray for George & Diane that they would have wisdom in caring for the boys and it would be a blessing.  Pray for them all for God's peace in knowing He is caring for them firsthand. 
**Pray for healing for Paul & Pierce.

I know Brian and Mel are so excited to share more when they return!  God is so good!! --
Prov. 3:5-6

In God's Love,

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