Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting our Chick-fil-A night!!!

We are so grateful to have brought in $645 from Chick-fil-A and then another $335 put in our donation box that was set up there. Total of $980, which helps out so much! Since May we've been paying $750 a month to keep the girls in the transition home where they are getting such great care and this more than covers one of our months, so very grateful!!! What was so amazing about the night is the overwhelming amount of love and support from our church family and friends. Each time someone new came through the doors to support us I felt like crying, and well... at times I did. Those tears were tears full of joy! What a blessing it was to our family to be so encouraged by so many who love us and our girls. We have lots of pics from this special night to share with our girls and to look at as a reminder of how so many care for and love our family. We truly are so incredibly blessed.
Pierce only likes cow on his plate, not in person...

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  1. I pray that everything continues to work out for your family. That was so wonderful to be able to raise the money. May the Lord bless your family.