Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ethiopian food... a first for the Snow bunch!!!

I can't even describe to you how cool it was to go to our first Ethiopian restaurant. Yet again, I cried. It was so neat to see so many cool things from Ethiopia and experience such amazing culture here in Nashville. The first dish was torn up pieces of injera "which is a bread that they typically eat with every meal that is used like a spoon" with diced jalapeƱo’s and tomatoes soaked with some type of dressing. Well, this dish did not set the mood off well for the kiddo's. Pierce screamed, snot poured and tears fell. Of course he's our impatient eater and since I was totally  trying to keep him calm I gave him a big ole' bite. Oh the horror! Still having flash backs of that scene. Paul being the spicy food lover in the family of course didn't believe it was that hot and shoveled in a mouth full and again, the horror! This time the lady that brought the food out came to the table and asked if it tasted ok. We all shook our heads with red faces as she went to get us more water. I really believe we all burned off quite a bit of taste buds that night. Needless to say we won't ever order that again. By the time the food came we were so very excited. We got a platter full of the sponge like bread to sop up food with because we were told, "no utensils, injera for your spoon." The boys absolutely loved the idea of this. And then it happened... the moment Paul realized there was only one chicken leg on the whole platter!!! Oh have mercy, my dear carnivore son.  Here's what he said in the loudest most obnoxious voice you can imagine, "ONLY ONE CHICKEN LEG, ONE! WHO GETS THE CHICKEN LEG? ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SPLIT ONE CHICKEN LEG? MOMMMA THERE'S FIVE OF US AND ONLY ONE CHICKEN LEG. ONE CHICKEN LEG! I WANT TO GO TO MC DONALDS! HOW ARE WE GOING TO SPLIT ONE CHICKEN LEG?!? With eyes the strength of Superman I gave him the "if you ever want to eat again stare!" Brian and I then began telling the boys about how meat is not as common and considered more of a luxury there etc.  Anyway, the food was very different and the boys seemed to be very grateful after our little talk where we may or may not have threatened to make them eat nothing but beans for the rest of their days in our home.


  1. Hilarious. I haven't been brave enough to take my kids (Sophie HATES spicy food) but Erik liked it. I really loved the food over there, although we had more pasta than Ethiopian. I was surprised, though, that they really do put jalapenos on everything - even the salads and the spaghetti. Glad your boys survived :)

  2. Wow! That plate of food is very interesting. I am so glad you all were able to experience a little of your girls' culture. May the Lord continue to bless your family on this adoption journey.