Saturday, October 27, 2012

We get to meet our girls!!!

   The long, long oh so long awaited call to tell us we have a court date in Ethiopia came on Wednesday, October 24th, at 5:58pm!!! This was the best call of our lives! We will finally be able to meet, touch, and hear our precious girls for the first time. I can only sum up that this call was the equivalent of hearing that you're pregnant. It's like the last months have been our trying to get pregnant stage and then BAM the positive results.
 We are so excited, nervous and all of the above. Our court date in Ethiopia is November 12th, and on that day if all goes well and all papers are in proper order Nora Yegile Snow, Diana Zinash Snow and Kristina Tsegereda Snow will be declared legally ours according to Ethiopian law. We will then be able to post pictures of our girls and you can see who you've been praying for. Be prepared that they are they most beautiful girls ever!!! No, seriously they are.
  We also found out the other week history of our girls, and we'll since it's their history we won't be posting it on the blog. However, we can tell you that the Lord gave us such great peace after reading about how our girls became orphans and praise the Lord that He brought them to us. As adoptive parents adopting from another country you always hope that it wasn't just because their birth family just couldn't provide for them and we now know the "why" and truly feel so overwhelming blessed to be able to be their parents and give them a Momma and a Daddy for the first time in their precious lives.
   Please pray for our girls! They will be going through so many, many different changes and will have a time of mourning. Everything that they've ever known will change: the language they hear all the time, the food, their care givers, friends, and well... just absolutely everything. Although we know that we're going to love, provide and take care of them, they have no reason to trust us. We are complete strangers to them. We look different, smell different, talk different and will be introducing them to a whole new way of life. Pray for this transition for them, our boys and us. We pray that a bonding and trust will happen quickly, but realize it may take quite awhile and know that God will give us exactly what we need each day.

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  1. Praise the Lord! I am so glad for you all. I know it will be amazing and exciting. May the Lord continue to bless your family!